Deluxe Jacuzzi Villas

You will not want to move out, ever! The Mangosteen Deluxe Jacuzzi Villas, with their special, octagonal shape, allowing for 74 sqm extended space with high ceilings, natural materials like teak wood and terracotta floors, teak windows and doors, featuring an indoor rain shower, handmade ceramic sink, a sitting area with comfortable sofa, a private terrace with hammock and a 3-bed configuration, allowing 3 people to share the villa. Sweet dream on mattresses that are first-grade. Designed by Underwood’s Art Factory, be amazed by the huge, woven “air trumpet” in the bathroom and the 2-meter-high standing lamp, producing interesting shadows on the walls. Enjoy a bath in the Jacuzzi Bathtub, fitted in under a thatched, private outdoor garden area, decorated with handmade Thai Art. The air-condition controller is next to your bed and the cool air is directed into another direction, so you won’t wake up with a dry throat in the morning. These villas are frequently requested by return guests, as they are located near the restaurant and pool, also offering very nice views.